Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Free Pass Discussion

I believe we are all familiar with the free pass.  If not, it is when you get a free pass from your significant other to have "relations" with someone, other than them, without consequences.  We all play this game with the girls, when we are sitting around and drinking, having a grand old time.  Well I did this recently, and I noticed that I have a "type".  I always say I don't have one, but you will be able to tell that clearly there is commonality between my picks.

My number one is David Beckham

I believe that there is no explanation necessary.  He is DELICIOUS!!!  I have said this to friends, I don't care who watches, his wife and kids are more than welcome to watch!  It could be on pay per view for all I care.  The only negative, his voice.  He should be mute the entire time, because he sounds like a sissy!

Number two is Alexander Skarsgard.

Let's just say YUM, YUM GIVE ME SOME!  Holy beejesus he is smokin!  Again, sounds a little fruity with the Swedish accent, but has a hot American accent.  He is the main reason I watch True Blood.  I so want to rip his panties off!

Number three is Adam Levine from Maroon 5

That is one hot crooner!  He is sexy, and he can sing.  Damn, that is a double whammy!!!  This has to be my fave picture of him, but I wonder the size of the pee pee, cause he seems like he would have a large one, at least I hope so.

Number four is Chris Hemsworth.

He is a new, but fine, addition to my list.  Wow what a hottie!  I think that says it all.

Finally, number five is Paul Walker.

Now that is a tall drink of water!  I am hoping that he is FAST and FURIOUS!!

If you haven't guessed my type yet, it is mainly tall, blond with a killer body!  Any and all of the above will do, I just need to find me some look alikes.

Who is on your list?  Guys, feel free to list the ladies!!

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