Monday, November 12, 2012

Long Time No Chat...

Well, it has been a while!  So sorry for the absence, but I have been crazy busy.  I am going to make an early resolution this year.  I WILL BLOG MORE!

Some fun stuff that has happened in the past few months:
  • Went to New Orleans for the first time!  It was amazing. I got a tattoo, and ordered a corset that makes me look smokin hot!  At least in my mind;). I met some great readers/authors there at Authors After Dark.  I hope to see them all again in Savannah!
  • Got me a part time job at the local Books A Million.  I will be working there for the holidays. I have missed being around books so much.  Even better, a few of my Borders colleagues work there as well!
  • When Borders closed, we started a Book Club. I have gotten to read some really interesting books that I normally would not have read. 
In other news, the awesome Carly Phillips has hit 10,000 likes on her Facebook Fan page. She is holding an amazing giveaway. Click the link to go to her page, then click in the giveaway button.  Very easy!

Good Luck!

Talk to you soon!

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