Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Liquidation Hell!

I'm going to just say it.....Liquidation sucks balls!  I am currently the ASSistant Manager at a chain store that is in liquidation.  This is the most frustrating experience I have ever been through.  I almost cut a bitch over sixty-four cents today! 

If I hear "When is your last day" one more freaking time, my head will explode.  There are two types of customer that come in to shop.  The first is your average customer who is coming in to buy something, and not to rub in your face that you will have no job.  The second is what we loving call vultures.  These are the people who will argue with you about the item not being 60% off, but 70% off.  Now, if you speak to me like I am a human being, I will work with you, but if you treat me like I am a moron, you will not get far.  What are you going to do, get me fired?  Oh, wait, that has already happened!

Phase two are the liqui-haters.  This is a whole different ball of wax.  They are perky and always asking how everything is going.  First off, the store looks like SHIT with the ugly ass signs they make you hang everywhere.  Second, how is everything?  I am losing my job, if it flipping perfect you jackass!  I have an issue with the filter between my brain and my mouth, so I just say what naturally comes to mind.  The Haters are not a big fan of me!

I enjoyed my job for the past five years, but enough is enough!  I am D-O-N-E!!!  I want the store to close so badly that I pray for it each night.  Maybe I'll go in the locks will be changed.  No such luck so far.

So, any thoughts on how to get through this process.  All recommendations will be appreciated.

P.S.  As a reward for my putting up with another week...3 pairs of shoes!!! 

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