Sunday, May 5, 2013

Great Product to Check Out

There is this really product that has an original concept. It's called Jewelry Candles.

I first heard about these candles at a conference that I attended last year. The candle was given as a prize for a costume contest. I was thinking to myself "wow, a candle, that's original". But then, the person explained the what it was. Not just a candle, but a candle that has a package enclosed in the candle that holds a piece of jewelry. Now, how cool is that! The value of the jewelry ranges in value from $10 to $7,500.

When I returned from the trip, I made a point to check out these candles on-line. I went to their website I fell in love with this product! Such a great gift idea for that person that has everything. The scents that are offered are original, as opposed to the usual candle scents. Another great point for Jewelry Candles is the price.

We all know that candles can be pricey. A large jar candle from a chain candle store runs $27.99. Jewelry Candle is $29.95, and you get the great bonus of the secret package in the candle. Jewelry candle has also added an item to their product line that is super cool. Wax Roses. What is a wax rose, you ask? According to the website, they are "wax dipped wooden rose bouquet" that will hold a scent for up to six months. For $49.95, a dozen wax roses will scent your home and look gorgeous doing it!

I highly recommend that you check this out!!

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